Announcements for the Three Decades

Announcements for the Three Decades

Announcements for the Three Decades, the Persistence with Alchemy and all the Must-See Events

By Juan Salas

Twitter: @juasalas

Twitch: /SrMagicPotato

Hello my friends! What a week! What a wonderful world in which one gets up and there were no cards banned. Or were there? They are telling me that there were none, that Ragavan is still in Modern and that companions still have room outside the deck. OK, perfect.

Dress up to the nines and save the date, because from 28th to 30th October the Wizards celebrate the 30th anniversary of Magic in Las Vegas!!!

The event promises to be absolutely crazy and, thanks to the fact that the pandemic is practically past history, “the gathering” of this game will be possible.

“Magic’s 30th Anniversary is going to be a year-long celebration, and we’re starting the party with a blowout event hosted at the EXPO at World Market Center”, said the Wizards.

Tickets for the celebration will go on sale in July, including virtual tickets for those who can’t make the trip. More specific details around ticket packages will be announced in July, along with more information about events, panels, special guests, and exclusives you can only get at Magic 30.

Among the promised events, there will be a Modern tournament that feeds into a Top 8 Beta draft. This is really insane, Limited Edition Beta. These closed boosters are worth more than, more than… Ok, I don’t really know how much they cost, but surely more than many things. But the possibility of opening a Black Lotus is definitely worth it.

That same weekend, at the EXPO at World Market Center, the Magic World Championship XXVIII will be played and the MAN of the game, Mr. Richard Garfield, will be there virtually.

The rest of the news, such as where the other four celebrations will be held in 2023, will be announced in July.

Who is Still Playing Alchemy?

Ok, there is a big difference between the Wizards and the players. And that difference is called Alchemy.

Wizards is trying (really trying) to make the digital-only format popular in Magic Arena, but players just don’t seem to like it. In fact, one could even say they hate it.

Twitter users shared a post with some compiled Untapped data from games played in Magic Arena at ranks from Bronze to Mythic:


Standard: 1,900,000 (Apr 28th -> Now) 49000/day

Explorer: 350,000 (Apr 28th -> Now) 9000/day

Historic Brawl: 360,000 (May 5th -> June 2nd) 13000/day

Historic: 220,000 (May 5th -> June 2nd) 7850/day

Alchemy: 38,000 (May 5th -> June 2nd) 1350/day


Standard: 140,000 (Apr 28th -> Now) 3600/day

Explorer 120,000 (Apr 28th -> Now) 3100/day

Historic: 36,000 (May 5th -> June 2nd) 1300/day

Alchemy: 4,100 (May 5th -> June 2nd) 146/day

With these numbers, Alchemy games in Magic Arena are less than 1.5% of total games. These are numbers that the Wizards should listen to, right?

Qualifier Weekend Events

Hope is renewed this weekend with the Qualifier!

On Friday 17th the Qualifier Play-in will be Explorer best of three, and the winners will be able to participate in the Qualifier Weekend on Saturday 18th, also Explorer best of three.

If they participate in the event maybe we will cross paths. I’m going to play with Rakdos Midrange. If it has discard and removal, it’s ok to me. I will stream the event on my channel You are all invited to hang out!

$2,000 Cash GGtoor x Zan Syed

On Saturday 18th Zan Syed and GGtoor will do a great Standard tournament that no one can miss, with $2,000 in prize money. To sign up, visit

What events are you going to play this weekend? With what decks?

That’s all for this week. Good luck to everyone in the tournaments!!!

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