Temur force

Temur Control is a Force to Be Reckoned With Temur Control is a Standard deck that some players don’t consider to be tier one, but it has been putting up […]

Gargaroth !

Trust in Gargaroth Hi, everyone! Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite cards and how to play more with it in Explorer. Today I want to talk […]

Green in explorer

Mono Green Explorer Hi Everyone! Today my article is about Explorer. After Qualifier Weekend I got myself to test more decks, especially since I felt like I hadn’t seen what […]

Tier list of decks!

Standard, Explorer and Historic Tier list. Hello Everybody, Gyba here.Today I brought you a couple of Tierlists for Explorer, Historic and Standard formats. Are you new to the format? Got […]

Is Aggro an option?

Being Aggro is an option Hi, Everyone! In my last article I raised some options to stop all of Hinata’s power in the format, including some aggressive options, since going […]