Historic Changes

Historic Changes Hi Everyone! This week we had a lot of news for those who play MTG Arena, in addition to the release ofAlchemy Horizons: Baldur’s Gate, we also had […]

Gargaroth !

Trust in Gargaroth Hi, everyone! Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite cards and how to play more with it in Explorer. Today I want to talk […]

Green in explorer

Mono Green Explorer Hi Everyone! Today my article is about Explorer. After Qualifier Weekend I got myself to test more decks, especially since I felt like I hadn’t seen what […]

Is Aggro an option?

Being Aggro is an option Hi, Everyone! In my last article I raised some options to stop all of Hinata’s power in the format, including some aggressive options, since going […]

Stop Hinata?

Is it possible to stop Hinata? Hi everyone!Standard is already in the mood for the end of the party, those last songs and the rotation sun will soon rise. But […]

Jund in Explorer

Explorer with Jund Hi, everyone! This month, we’re talking about Explorer again, since the Qualifier will be in this format, which still has several possibilities. The deck I wanted to […]

The Izzet Mill

Izzet Mill is Real Hi, everyone. At the end of the last defined week, the New Capenna Championship was very interesting to follow, especially in the Standard portion, which had […]