Brad Nelson interview

The Puzzle of Brad Nelson By Juani Salas Twitter: @juasalas Twitch/SrMagicPotato Brad Nelson is, without fear of exaggeration, one of the best players in Magic history in Standard. No matter […]

All Possible Commander Decks?

Build All Possible Commander Decks? Challenge Accepted! What started out as an extremely casual mode became Magic’s most popular format. That’s  right, the multiplayer format that MTGA still cannot offer […]

Victims of Wizards

Winota and Iteration, the New Victims of Wizards Snap By Juan SalasTwitter: @juasalasTwitch: /SrMagicPotato And the Wizards did it again!!! A month before the Qualifiers for the new tournament circuitbegin, […]

The Story of Magic Collection

The history of the Magic in a collection By Juani SalasTwitter: @juasalasTwitch: SrMagicPotato César “CHaPuZas” Fernández is a Magic: The Gathering collector and authenticator fromMadrid, Spain, and has 99.4 % […]

MTG Current News

Whats new in MTGA Hello my friends! May is finally over and, with it, its stressful ladder in Magic Arena. How did you do? Were you able to reach Mythic? […]