Digital Path to Pro Tour

Digital Path to Pro Tour

The path to the Pro Tour for digital magic was announced last week and if you want to read up about it all the link to it is right here!

Now if you don’t want to read the entire article then you’re in the perfect place because I’m going to explain all the ways you can get into the new Pro Tour Qualifier system (PTQ for short). This system expands on the news we got at the end of March when Huey Jensen announced the new system for Premier Play, which if you didn’t get to understand I’ll give you a brief TLDR on how the system works

The very TLDR of how it works is very simple, you go to your local game store who will run Regional Championship Qualifiers or RCQ’s for short. Depending on how the store runs the event or what tier they run it at in coordination with the regional organizer they are given X amount of invites to your Regional Championships. The regional organizer can also run events and these events typically will give out a higher count of invites to your Regional Championships or RC’s for short. Depending on how many invites the regional organizer is allowed to give out it will typically be the Top 8 of the RC’s given invites to the Pro Tour or PT for short with First and sometimes Second place given an invite directly to Worlds. From there at the PT you compete for invites to come back to the PT or an invite to Worlds, there are three PT events in a given year so there will be three RC’s in a given year which you can attempt to qualify for. Now you might be asking me. “How the heck does this relate to the Digital magic scene known as MTG Arena?” Well let me get into that right now!

Digital Path to the Pro Tour

So now that you have a very TLDR explanation on how the new system works (and if you want to read more about it I’ll include a link to the article explaining that system below) here is the new system for Digital magic!

Confusing right? Let me break this down for you all

Qualifier Weekend

The MIQ system is now being replaced with this Qualifier Play in system or QW’s for short. The main change to the system is the fact we get actual good rewards for playing in Day 1 over having a good payout for only making day 2, this should allow players to actually feel rewarded for making it to the qualifier rather than feeling like your hard work was for nothing. There will be four different Qualifier weekends each once a month that will feed into the Pro Tour and Arena Championship. Here is the payout system for both day 1 and day 2.

Now to clear some things up.

  • This is the same system we had before in terms of Qualifying for the Pro Tour/ Set Championships.
  • How to Qualify for these events has been changed from just getting top 1200 on the mythic ladder of Constructed/Limited.
  • You get an Entry from winning a Play-In Qualifier or ending top 250 on Mythic Ladder
  • The events will be either Constructed or Limited
  • Again these happen Once a month for 4 Months

Qualifier Play-In

Each month there will be two weekend events that will grant you an entry into the QW’s, one a week before the QW in Bo1 format and one a day before the QW in Bo3 format.These events will also be a mix of Constructed and Limited for both. You can enter into them as many times as you want as long as you can pay the entry fee. Think of these like the Arena open, they cost either 20K Gold, 4K Gems OR 20 Play-In Points! Here is the structure for those events

Now to explain what Play-in Points are the new system that are being introduced into Arena. Here is how you get them.

  • 1 Play-in Point for 7 wins in a Constructed event.
  • 4 Play-in Points for 7 wins in Bo3 Constructed event.
  • 2 Play-in Points for 3 wins in Bo3 Draft event.
  • 20 Play-in Points for finishing top 1200 on the Mythic ladder.
  • Top 250 Mythic ladder players get a Qualifier Weekend Token and don’t need to enter in one of the play-in events.
  • Play-In Points do not have a cap on how many you can have at once and do not expire.

The Arena Championship

The QW’s will feed into this event as well as the Pro Tour but this event is only 32 people. Small note in the event that more than 32 people qualify for the event the event total will be increased so no worries there.

This event has a $200k Prize pool and will happen every four months (three times a year) with first and second getting a direct invite to Worlds.

Closing stuff

I hope this clears up any questions you might have about the new Digital path to the Pro tour/ Worlds. It is unclear if MTG Melee tournaments will grant qualifiers to the Weekend events but I imagine that system will continue or at least give QP’s to arena accounts so that they can qualify again. Here is the link for the paper path to the pro tour if you need it


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