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GGtoor Tournament Report part 2

GGtoor Tournament Report part 2

GGtoor Tournament Report part 2

Hello mtg fans! I’m back for the final part of the Ggtoor 500$ tournament report and we are looking at great times.
For reminders, my list was this:

Deck (60)
The Meathook Massacre
Fable of the Mirror-Breaker
Clearwater Pathway
Ray of Enfeeblement
Infernal Grasp
Tenacious Underdog
Kaito Shizuki
Hive of the Eye Tyrant
Hagra Mauling
Shipwreck Marsh
Riverglide Pathway
Bloodthirsty Adversary
Expressive Iteration
Blightstep Pathway
Takenuma, Abandoned Mire
Evelyn, the Covetous
Haunted Ridge
Stormcarved Coast
Soul Transfer
Voltage Surge
Corpse Appraiser
Xander’s Lounge
Bloodtithe Harvester
Sideboard (15)
Disdainful Stroke
Go Blank
The Meathook Massacre
Ray of Enfeeblement
Make Disappear
Mind Flayer
Evelyn, the Covetous
Lolth, Spider Queen

Well, the last time i wrote about this, we where on the 7 round of 8 and winning it, so a drew in r8 and it brought me in 7th place in final standings, wich mean that i never will be playing first unless i was paired against the 8th place player.

So,lets begin:

Top8 :
Mono-White Aggroby Helio Sampaio

$500 Cash GGtoor M:TG Arena Duel #14 (FREE!)

Ok, we started heavy as this player managed a solid 6-0 and drew the last round, not only his deck where solid, but he knew how to play it perfectly.

But the things is , meathook massacre is NUTS!

Look at this clip :

(meathook massacre is masacre del ganchocarne)
Both times in game 1 and 2, i managed to stabilize the battlefield after meathook and took a solid 2-0 swoop into semi finals.

This is a solid reminder of how STRONG the meathook is and how the removal in BRU colors are nuts.

SB plan was this :+2 ray +1 meathook +1 abrade +1 mindflayer( mvp of the game )
-2 duress -1 tenacious underdog -2 kaito shizuki

Semi finals were against a mirror match.

Semi finals:

Grixis Vampires

by Leonardo De Albernaz Ferreira

$500 Cash GGtoor M:TG Arena Duel #14 (FREE!).

This game is captured via stream fully, there you can see that game 1 my opponent missed the exile of a Tenacious Underground that were crucial on the late game.

G2 i understood that the most powerful card in mirror is Evelyne, the covetous
So i sideboarded according to have answer for the girl, while deploying mine.

Again, you can see the entire game via the streaming coverage ( will be up soon ) and i suggest you to watch it closely because mirror match is a difficult thing using this kinda midrange decks.

Sb plan : +1 d stroke +1 mindflyer +1 lothl +1 evelyn
– 2 duress( i’m not a fan of discard in midrange with the many ways toi gain card advantage ) -1 ray -1 tenacious underdog


Jeskai Hinata

by Zachary Okorn

$500 Cash GGtoor M:TG Arena Duel #14 (FREE!)

Ok, my third hinata match, but this time it was bonkers, as you can see it entirely on the stream coverage.
Sadly in both matches i started slow while my opponent drew goldpan dragon one after another one and i wasn’t able to answer them.

Finally, i ended up 2nd on the event after a 10 hours stream, and boy i was tired, but ultra happy with a deck i just picked up that morning with no games played and how solid it is that ride me directly into the finals

Sb plan : +2 dures +2 ray +1 stroke +1 abrade +2 go blank +1 evelyn
-4 v surge -1 underdog -2 meathook -1 soul transfer
I added ded the abrade because he had 2 reckoner bank boosters

Do I suggest Grixis vampire? darn yes i do, but practice a lot, is not a easy deck as you need to understand every situation and how to use the proper answer( an example is the game ves the other grixis while y hold on into removal that killed evelyn and never used it to answer other thing ).

This saturday the ZanZyed 2000$ standard event will be held and for those looking into updating my list i have a few suggestions.

Tenacious underdog main deck : i think this guy is GREAT, but right now , as it is bad vs aggro and against control ( jeska hinata) is not that great as they have the Flame-blessed Bolt that exiles it, so i suggest or go full into it with 2 at least, or cut it completely.

Ray of feeblement: This card is only vs hinata and then white winnie, but does not work anywhere else, so if you fell the need to have another solid removal, you can swap this for a 3rd infernal grasp and it would be ok.

Next, the 4 of in the deck are the ones you don’t need to change, as fable of the mirror breaker, corpse appraiser, blood tithe harvester and voltaic surge is the main cards of the deck
the number of kaito, adversary and evelyn is the changeable part of the deck.

As a bonus track, i played against or lovely Aeny a match on stream the last monday and we replayed the finals.

You can see them and the results, here:

Well, this is all for today, but in a final thought, is amazing to have events likes this who supports arena players and give emotions to a GREAT game.

Good luck to those participating in this weekend’s event and…see you next time!!

Andres “ Blue Robot” Monsalve


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