GGtoor Tournament Report

GGtoor Tournament Report

GGtoor Tournament Report Grixis vampire, 2nd place

Hello ladies and gentlemen…Andy here again and..oh boy!! its tournament report time!!

Yeeah!!! i ended up doing an amazing result on the ggtoor event on past saturday so lets starts from the beginning

I had NO IDEA what to play in standard….i wasn’t playing much of constructed as the last events where limited, but i knew ( after being caster of the last ggtoor event with sandoiche ) that Jeskai Hinata, Bg mid, Esper mid, where solid options but none of my choice….
Even so, the week wants a nice thing as I started on monday with some sore throat kinda a light Flu, that became hard on i wasn’t able to play the entire day and one after.
ON thursday i was feeling better, so i opened stream to talk about news ( the bannings news) and play the “ always 1 per day” draft ( ended 7-1,. uw is busted on new capenna draft) but no only on the weekend was the GGtoor, but also the “ play-in “event for the mythic qualifier and it was Explorer b01

So, i have to not only see what to play in standard, but also in explorer, so i tried a few brews on thursday and they rocked, Mono u Spirits, Bg big dudes, solid options

But when i tried two spicy brews on standard…oh men they didn’t worked at all

I had a sultai “ Fight Riggings “ same as the explorer one, but on standard and a 5 color fantasy with war of the kami and many ways to generate plenty of colored mana

When played the sultai i had such heavy mana issues( screw or flood, not being able to play a single game ) and the 5 color madness was nice, but a single counterspell is all your opponent need to stop you

On friday i had a nice stream, a kinda “ talk show” i call FNC ( viernes de chacharas ) where a few other players and me talk about mtg new and things , we discussed the bannings of winota and iteration mostly because one of them buyed a complete winota deck and never got the chance to play it on a real life tournament

After the show, we keep on talking ( off stream ) on what to play on the “play-in “ event of the next day

While doing this, i tried again the sultai and 5 color and no, not a chance to play any of those
so i asked them” hey guys…what should i play tomorrow ? “ and 2 choices where given, Jeskai Hinata( suggested by parmenion ) and Grixis vampire( suggested by fellow AT writer, Juani Salas, magic potato)

Jeskai hinata seemed to be a good option and y tried it a lil bit but no, not a chance
so i took Juanis list , registered and went to sleep

Yes, i had 0 games played with grixis vampires and i where going to a tournament with it

This was the list

Deck (60)
The Meathook Massacre
Fable of the Mirror-Breaker
Clearwater Pathway
Ray of Enfeeblement
Infernal Grasp
Tenacious Underdog
Kaito Shizuki
Hive of the Eye Tyrant
Hagra Mauling
Shipwreck Marsh
Riverglide Pathway
Bloodthirsty Adversary
Expressive Iteration
Blightstep Pathway
Takenuma, Abandoned Mire
Evelyn, the Covetous
Haunted Ridge
Stormcarved Coast
Soul Transfer
Voltage Surge
Corpse Appraiser
Xander’s Lounge
Bloodtithe Harvester
Sideboard (15)
Disdainful Stroke
Go Blank
The Meathook Massacre
Ray of Enfeeblement
Make Disappear
Mind Flayer
Evelyn, the Covetous
Lolth, Spider Queen

So, saturday morning i woke up, checked in on the ggtoor event , opened my stream and waited for the tournament to start ( so you can still watch it on my channel, twitch/blue_robot)

Round 1 vs Naya runes

Well, here we go!, if read me before, you know that i used to play LOTS of naya runes, so this was something i knew how to attack, because i knew what hurted the runes
Game 1 was a massacre, i killed all the creatures from my opponent and smashed hard

But on g2 i drew lots of lands and my opponent did this


Sadly, he had the big top deck while i flooded….so into g3

Game 3 was a back and forth, we played cards after cards,but again a topdeck skalds put him back to the game and while i wasn’t having something else, slowly he gained the upper hand a killed me with a pumped spirit-kami that i couldt kill

sb plan: +2 annul, +1 stroke( for skalds) +1 abrade +1 mindflayer
-2 duress -1 underdog -2 kaito

1-2, overall 0-1

Phew…it is hard to start like this the event, but 7 more rounds where ahead and my viewers were there to support me and we make a nice day

Round 2 Mono Black zombies

Oh sh….this deck had no sideboard but full aggressive, finishing it all with invoke prejudice

damn…..this was difficult

game 1 he started full aggro, dropping creatures on the first 3 rounds and those where pumping zombies( champion of the parish)
So he won g1

ON the sb i took out -2 duress -1 ray of enfeeblement and added 1 meathook massacre 1 abrade 1 loitlh

He started as usual, drop 1 , then drop 2 but i have some removal so i could answer his table
my fear was the invoke, because it can give him GAS while taking away some life from me
and the best card i had was Meathook, not only to swipe the board but also netting some life.
And this was it, i finished with the mandlands and rushing to g3

ON the 3rd game i changed thee side, i was on the draw and i needed to answer the invoke, the first at least
so i cut2 kaito for stroke and make disappear

thankfully i opened with a strong hand and drew removal after removal, even afraid of the invoke i managed to take the game

2-1 / 1-1 overall

Round 3 Mono green ( budget version )

Well, not the best mono green around but the selections of cards where nasty

He opened with pack leader t2 and chariot t4 and bom, he started to smash me while i drew the main deck duress…not good

g2 and g3 where the same
i manage to stabilize with meathook supporting it with some removal and well, that was it

2-1/ 2-1 overall

R4 Jeskai Hinata

Well, the first bad guy of the day
Ithink this match up is not that bad, i mean on the first game you have some useless cards but on the sb the thing changed

The sb plan was like this

+2 duress. +2 ray of enfeeblement +1 stroke +1 make disappear +2 go blank +1 evelyn

-4 voltage surge -2 meathook -2 harvester -1 soul transfer

And game 2 and 3, discard while hitting hard is the way and the way was

2-1 on this game /3-1 overall

Round 5 White Winnie
Well, again another aggro, but now a solid one
WhieWinnie could have lost some of the presence on the scene but it is a solid deck , with thalia and pv doing some tempo around a good one

game 1 was , again, a removal fest
But on g2 he managed to curve me excellent and had responses to all

on game 3 i started solid and a good meathook stopped his board while i drew the removal for “ later on”

The only thing, my opponent took SO MUCH TIME that i thought he was snipping, but after a few miss plays if he knew the info, i just thought he was a slow player only

Sb plan : +2 ray +1 massacre +1 abrade +1 mind flayer( for the legion angels )
-2 duress, -1 underdog -2 kaito

2-1 / 4-1 overall )

Round 6 Izzet control
Something strange happened here, my opponent never showed up….on this moment of the tournament, priceless
I mean, playing is better, but a free win is a free win

10 mins later and i was enjoying with the chat some videos

/5-1 overall

Round 7 Jeskai HInata
well, here we have the “ win and in” match of the day, because if i won i could draw the last round and secure top 8

And.., hinata again, but this time game 1 was a solid aggro with the duress as back up
g2 it gets better, with more duress, more solid cards

it was fast and simple
Sb plan was like this

+2 duress. +2 ray of enfeeblement +1 stroke +1 make disappear +2 go blank +1 evelyn

-4 voltage surge -2 meathook -2 harvester -1 soul transfer

2-0/ 6-1

This was it, I secured round 8 with a draw and top 8 time!!!!

This was huge for me, mostly because i didn’t play a single game of grixis vamp and manage to win great games, and play it like i knew what i was doing

What does this mean? You could say it was a lucky day, but i also said that when you play daily , you get a knowledge of the metagame that you can pick anything and even do a great tournament!

Join me next time while we see some of the spicy decks and later a full top 8 report with the games you didn’t saw on the coverage

you can still watch the stream here :

Tnxs again and Boom on the chat!!!

Andres F. “Blue Robot” Monsalve

Pro tour Honolulu 09 , Pro tou Austin 09 , Pro tour San Diego 2013, Strixheaven Championship 2021

Worlds 2013( captain of Team Argentina )

Finalist Gp Sao Paulo , Semi finalist GP Rio de janeiro

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