Everyone who has played on Mtg Arena since Streets Of New Capenna was released, know how badly Ob Nixilis is broken. This card is terrifying and it is very bad when on turn 3 your opponent have 2 planeswalkers on the battlefield. I was trying to find the way to beat decks that are using Ob Nixilis and I think got it. It is not just one deck… I got three of them and I will show you in this article.

Deck number one: Azorius Midrange

This deck is not looking crazy good when you just take a look at it, but when you start playing, things that it is doing are incredible. First of all deck has a lot of options to deal with Ob Nilxilis, you can counter it with Malevolent Hermit, kill it with Fatefull Absence, bounce the copy with Geistwave, exile it with Skyclave Apparition or with Niko Aris make your creature unblockable and kill it in combat. This deck is very synergistic and it is making a ton of value, I haven’t been in a situation when I didn’t have option to play with this deck. Few cards that impressed me the most are Niko Aris, Geistwave and Elspeth Resplendent. In the decks that we were playing, Niko’s only abilities that we were using, were minus ones and option to cast it with X, in this deck plusing Niko on Spirited Companion or Skyclave Apparition is great and it is just painful for our opponents. Elspeth is a planeswalker that everybody thought will not be that great or even won’t be seen played in standard at all. Right now, I must say, I am very impressed with it, especially in decks that have a lot great 3 drops, like this one. Elspeth is great at killing planeswalkers because of giving flying to our creatures and also it helps with staying alive against aggro decks because of giving lifelink. If our Elspeth survives the turn we are probably going to win the game, and the only change I would make in this deck is putting second copy of Elspeth over one copy of Wanderer. Geistwave is just great card as a part of this deck, bouncing creatures that make value, planeswalkers that are about to die, or as a main reason we are playing it, killing copy of our opponent’s Ob Nixilis. I would say it is a lot for just two mana instant spell. Overall, I like this deck and playing it makes me happy, it’s not easy to play but it is definitely great deck if you want to beat decks built around Ob Nixilis.

Deck number two: Esper Control

Traditional Control deck, good removal spells, card advantage and counter spells. Ob Nixilis is great card against control decks and everyone knows that, but this built has much more ways to deal with it. Playing cards like Wash Away that let you counter copy of Ob Nixilis even if you were on the draw. Shadow’s Verdict looks like a great card nowadays, it gets off both original and copy of Ob Nixilis and it takes care of cards like Tenacious Underdog which is very problematic for control decks. Idea with playing this deck is surviving through first turns of the game and finishing the game with cards like Wandering Emperor or Reckoner Bankubuster. Lot of counter spells and removal spells are very helpful with this gameplan. After sideboard Pithing Needle is great answer to cards like Oni Cult Anvil, Ob Nixilis and Esika’s Chariot.

More about esper here

Deck number three: Naya Runes

What can I say about Naya Runes is, that this deck was straight way killer before players started to recognize, that one Archon of Emeria is shutting this deck down completely. After release of Streets of New Capenna everyone is focusing on building deck around Ob Nixlis and they are mostly Red-Black or Jund decks, so they are not playing Archon of Emeria. This opens the door to play Runes again. This deck just doesn’t care about Ob Nixilis. Creatures with Rune of Might or Kami of Transience are running over the Devils with Trample and can easily kill Ob Nixilis. Jund and Rb decks are not playing many exile effects, what makes this deck even better. I think in near future we will see a lot of Naya Runes deck. If you want to read more about Naya Runes I can recommend this article:

Those are decks are good to have in mind when you are planning to play in a tournament.


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