Mono Red Aggro

Mono Red Aggro

Mono red aggro has been one of the leading archetypes in the Pionieer format for some time, can it replicate its good performance in arena eternals too? Kamigawa has proven to have an extensive impact on many archetypes and formats. In this respect, it resembles the more balanced and more pleasing to the eye Eldraine. The cards are simply perfectly designed and balanced – which should be noticed and praised. It all started innocently with the printing of a very inconspicuous card …

Kumano Faces Kakkazan

Inconspicuous enchantment without which mono-red would not be in such good shape is the theme of the entire article. It is not only an excellent one-drop but is also a great enabler for the light up the stage and an excellent finish for the opponent’s walkers. The pace that he generates from the first round of the match when we are on the play will sometimes never let our opponent come back to the game. The aspect of exiling, when our enchantment turns into a creature, is also extremely useful for duels against UR Phoenix or RB Kroxa. Just a “one man army” card. When the issue of the best new purchase has been discussed, let’s check what the entire deck looks like:

Deck (60)
Bonecrusher Giant
Chandra, Dressed to Kill
Den of the Bugbear
Ghitu Lavarunner
Goblin Chainwhirler
Rahilda, Wanted Cutthroat
Kumano Faces Kakkazan
Light Up the Stage
12 Mountain
Play with Fire
Ramunap Ruins
Skewer the Critics
Sokenzan, Crucible of Defiance
Soul-Scar Mage
Spikefield Hazard
Robber of the Rich
Sideboard (15)
Burning Hands
Chandra, Torch of Defiance
Roiling Vortex
Spikefield Hazard
Goblin Chainwhirler
Rampaging Ferocidon

The deck is very much based on the Pioneer version and did a great job during the tests on the mythic ladder. So, the conversion went very well, but what else did we gain from it? A card that cannot be found in the Pionieer…

Rahilda, Wanted Cutthroat

A perfect complement to Robber, if only it wasn’t legendary, I would use more of her – although I’m still debating whether 3 is not the right number considering how strong she is in turn 2 after Kumano. A very good mana base also has a lot to offer. Light up the Stage looks even better on this deck than during its period when it dominated the standard. Mentioning the combo with Kumano is not everything, it is perfect after +1 Chandras, Dressed to Kill – this play generates a huge card advantage that helps to win on matchups that want us to grind card for card. The set of creatures is selected in a way that gives us the greatest versatility. Most of them have great defensive and offensive qualities, which allows us to find ourselves in certain situations. The deck can control other creature matchups in the historic metagame, such as GW humans or white weenie. The famous combo controlling the board of our opponent in the form of Soul Scar and Goblin Chainwhirler can stabilize the situation on its own. Remember that Soul Scar and each burn spell is our combat trick, which can turn out to be totally devastating for our opponent. Let’s also talk about the siding vs matchups that you will most often encounter when playing this deck on the Ladder

vs UW/jeskai/esper/grixis/ub control: +2 Rampaging Ferocidon +3 Roiling Vortex +2 Chandra, Torch of Defiance +2 Fry -3 Play with Fire -4 Skewer the Critics -2 Goblin Chainwhirler

By far the most demanding matchup is Jeskai control – mainly due to gain life. When we can turn off their gain life and present an amazing pace from the number one turn, they will often not be able to keep up with us. Controls without white are very easy matchups.

vs Gw humans/mono white gain life/white weenie/ur feniks +2 Abrade +2 Chandra, Torch of Defiance +1 Spikefield Hazard +2 Goblin Chainwhirler +2 Rampaging Ferocidon +2 Fry -4 Ghitu Lavarunner -4 Robber of the Rich -2 Chandra, Dressed to Kill -1 Light Up the Stage

We play control roles as long as necessary, eliminating our key goals with our burn spells. The number one combo: Soul Scar&Goblin will very often solve our problems on their own – sometimes it’s worth waiting a while with him. If we control the board with burn spells, our creatures will take care of our opponent’s life total.

I recommend checking the deck because you will be able to reach mythic easily&qickly 🙂

by Neef

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