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MY Commander Experience

MY Commander Experience

MY Commander Experience

Hello fellow readers! Andy here again to talk about some of the stuff i got to experience for the first time in a game i’m into since 2004(yup, old )

This past weekend, in almost all the world, was the” Battle For Baldur’s Gate” pre-release.
The set is focused most in commander ( as the cards indicates) which is the most biggest and casual format in all MTG

So, I think you already know that I’m a competitive player at core, and these casual formats are something I’m not into…but…just this past weekend i had arranged a TEST session with some friends in Buenos Aires ( i’m from a small city at south called La Plata ) and such i was going to be around one of the most nice places on buenos aires to play magic, the store “Magic Dealers”,
Looking into the events this store where having i see they only had the baldurs gate prerelease, and as the waves of magic where strange in the past days, being not lucky at all with some difficult on the rank and tournaments, i find out that took a step away from the competitive scene and enjoy a small casual event to refill with energy, and a strange draft was going to be the choice

This event is Draft, yes, draft in commander, with some big twist let’s set them

-First of all, it respect the “ 3 packs per player” but the packs are a lil bit different
20 card per pack AND each time you pick 2 cards and being a prerelease event, you get a box with 3 packs and a prerelease special card (that you can use)

-Second and most important, you need to pick a commander and this set up the COLORS you need to pick

– Third, you don’t play 1v1. you play at a table with other 3 players at the same time

This is crazy, way too different from the draft format that i love so much

After some picks i realize that “ when you don’t know what to do, go BG” a phrase a friend of mine told me long ago , so i ended up there after picking up some white green and black cards

Kagha, Shadow Archdruid was my commander and event thou it was a commander event, i had 3 “murders” on my deck and a few other spicy cards

A free mulligan and 40 life to go as we sat up on thee table with my other fellow opponents

As the colors from my opponents i had UW on my front, BG on my left and UG on my diagonal

Keeping up the “ things “ on a commander game is difficult, you not only need to keep the life of all players but also the damage the “ commander” does to each player so that you know how close are they to killing it or something

As the strategies where, the UB was more a controlish one, with cards that make creatures unable to attack him and with a few flyers

The Ug one where a dragons deck, with all sinergy from dragons

and the last and more broken , where around his commander : Abdel Adrian, Gorion’s ward

OH man, such a broken sinergy, you can already see it in motion on the picture i posted

Every thurn he had more cards, more tokens and more was so unfair

The thing is…i knew that every turn he was getting bigger and bigger, so when the UG dragon player started to attack him with his commander, doing 20 damage from the 21 needed to secure a kill, i was cool but then..the uw player convinced the ug to “ not to kill him” as he will help him in the defeat of us , from which i respond “ if you don’t kill him now, he will kill us and then you as you have no way on defeating him later”
The UG player chose to not kill the uw, and the uw killed us on the next 3 turns….

I know I have a different approach to the game, but in the end it is better to win, right?? even so, the UB and my deck where not great and the table would have been more “ stable” afterwards
Even so, there is a fine line between how much “ casual” a casual event is, as my experiences with commander where neve” nice” at all
But in this opportunity I had a great time overall and the players were super nice!

This was my commander experience and…would I play another one ? some time before i should said “ no way” but now…it could
nevertheless, i didn’t get to play the 2nd round( i had to go to test up some pioneer ) but as casual the event was, i got my price packs and gifted them all to a friend who is a true D&D fan

Btw, the “test” showed us how broken was winnota, who got axed yesterday xD, we were not wrong

IF you got until here, thanks a lot for reading and i hope to see you all on the GGtoor Standard 500 dollar tournament on saturday!!

See you next time when I roll a 20 and something explodes!

Andres F. “Blue Robot” Monsalve

Pro tour Honolulu 09 , Pro tou Austin 09 , Pro tour San Diego 2013, Strixheaven Championship 2021

Worlds 2013( captain of Team Argentina )

Finalista Gp Sao Paulo , Semi finalist GP Rio de janeiro

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