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My worst week in MTGA

My worst week in MTGA

Well, this statement is no entirely true , it started with the chance to be part on the New Capenna Early access and it was a BLAST. Super fun set ( as i said on my previous article about the prerelease ) lovely limited format.

With some minor issues ( like getting the info the day BEFORE and being a day of the week full of routine ) it went all smoothly.

I played 3 sealed and 1 draft, being the last sealed a nice 7-1 run with, as i think is the best, a bant deck full of good things.

All things great but…this was tuesday , the week was just starting.

We all know the ranks sistem changed, and for the next month you need a solid 250 or better rank on Mythic to qualify for the “qualifier weekend”.
So i was , on diamon 2 just close to get to mythic and after wasting a day of ranks on the early access and being wednesday an impossible thing to rank i took thursday for a FULL RANK day.

It was awful……i wen to diamond 4 after losing 5 on a row and never went up
maybe got to diamond 2 but in a blink back to d4.
I changed decks ( standard : runes and bw mid , historic , mono red , ur prowess, fenix )
and nothing, nothing could bring me close to the mythic, and then i would need more ranks to get to numbers, i was starting to loss my mind.

Then, i remembered my performance on the Last mythic qualifier, and that i got 6 wins on day 1 but being on the new rank system, maybe it wasn’t going to work But i send an email to customer support regardless this was the answer;

Puff, I was saved!! ( note, the 6 wins of before quali was added later on, it wasn’t on the main article about new events , my fear was real ).
I took the day off on friday , i wasn’t going to suffer the rank and the shuffler again.
The shuffler…
This little “concept” was the evil behind every thing.
AS i said, i wasn’t going to rank so i streamed on friday some “Lore” about new capenna and more specific about Elspeth Tyrell but the truth is, im a mtg player, i wasn’t going to NOT play magic at all
so i tried a sealed deck and this rares popped out from the packs;

2 trilands are not good when you need bomb but i had a solid Obscura deck, so i build it and went to battle…but

Plñease, look a this first opening hand

in resume, i mulliganed to a hand with the SAME mana but different cmc

Then this;
I was behind on mana , and used a “ pacifism “ on a solid creature
so he played a super bomb……..for real.

The next round was awful, an opponent playing in 6th turn Lord Xander is something you can’t win against, and doing it twice…

For a good thing, r3 the deck performed well and ended 1-3 after a rough start,
i closed arena on friday and that was it!
The close of the rank came, and the stream on saturday came as well,
but i still was having a difficult time on arena but tried a few drafts
and ..oh men…how hard was it!
Let’s look at some clips
Super full kill after 3 of the same common and a zitora from the top.

Another one!!
After playing 3 rares in a row, he needed a 4th one with me at 2 life
i ended the draft with a solid 0-3 and closed arena.
It wasn’t the week, neither the weekend, to keep up on the game, o i played some fun and lovely games ( stanley parable, etc ) to keep of my mind on this.
Is important to know when to lift the foot from the pedal, when to make a stop, because other way this could lead to a bad relationship with the game, bad decisions and stuff.
In the end, Magic is a game of chance, you can have a good time, good top decks or maybe your opponents, or maybe mana flood mana screw but also your opponent.

IS magic!
( or you can uninstall MTGA and re install , just to see if this changes*)
*it did, im 8-0 now on rank 😀 jajaja( nah, joking )

Thanks again and see you this saturday, with the amazing Ggtoor 500 dollars price standard tournament!!!

Andy “ Blue Robot” Monsalve

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