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New Capena Prerelease experience

New Capena Prerelease experience

Hello! Andy again!
And today, we are talking about the pre release of New Capenna that i experience live in one
incredible store here in Argentina
We are transitioning from the Digital mtg events( who are the best) to add “on site” Mtg
tournaments and what best to assist one that the PRERELEASE of the most new set of
MTG who seems to be an increible one
Lets begin with the preparations you can make to play a prerelease
We can talk about ,”READING THE SPOILER”, it was published a week ago and knowing
the cards are a must
Also, you can look into articles or podcast, Limited resources is a legendary podcast from
Luis scott vargas and Marshall sutcliffe and they dissects the set every time in a great way
Or you can ignore all of this and experience the cards as they come when you open the pack
I did the last option :P!
the only thing i knew was that i chose “ the riveters” (bgr) family and that’s it..
I was busy testing for and playing the 500$ Gg Standard tournament and didn’t have time to
look into the spoiler or card or anything
also, i love to impress myself with some mechanics and some new stuff that can be

I woke up Sunday morning, grabbed some coffee, and suited myself( this was a prerelease!
and as a stream thing, i dress up in the new capena fashion ), kissed my boys and took the
car to a one hour drive to Buenos aires ( i live in a small city south from the capital )
During the travel i did put up the Limited Resources podcast but it was 3 hours long and i
had only 1, so the only thing i got from it was “ play many colors” and “ the mana fixing is
amazing ( mostly with the creatures that “ enchant” a land to let it add 3 different mana and
also you can cast them from exile

Whit this in mind i opened my pack

i opened a LOT of mana fixing, a lot
So much that i thought of playing 5 color madness….and into madness i went
I had 4 different “ mana fixin” dudes, 2 green bombs( workshop warchief and Fight Rigging)
), a white bomb( sanctuary warden), a jund color bomb( unleash the inferno ) 2 black rares (
sanguine spy and Tenacius Undedog ) and a red one ( jaxis , the troublemaker )

So…full of bombs and full of mana fixing…..madness incoming
I ended up a 5 color deck and used all the bombs and it looked….good!
Let’s begin the tournament!
Round 1 vs Brokers( UGW)
In the end i ended losing the first round agains a pair of BOMBS ( two Souls of Emancipation
) but in g3, so i did put up some fight!
I keep the deck as i build it and went into r2
round 2 vs Riveteers
On this round something cool happened , i drew the only bant part of the deck and it was a
BLAST, but again i had no issue with mana fixing and keep the 5 color madness
Round 3 vs a 4 color deck mostly based in Maestros( RBU )
simple, i ended up going into g3 and not drawing any of the white mana sources i have and
a full white hand
1-2 overall and with this record something had to be done
i keep sitting down on my table and opened my deck and pool
i saw the “ common fechlands” i had, the mana fixing dudes and the bombs and find out i
Brookers was nuts and all the “ fetchlands” find me black mana and at least 1 of the main
green white blue land i needed
Find out the “ combo” in ( sanctuary warden and celebrity fencer )
secured my mana base , and ended up with this

This ended up beig SUPER STRONG
i didnt lost a match after this build
winning round 4 and 5 with a solid 2-0 each time and ended 10 on the final standings (
getting a few packs on the end )
As a final thought, this set is nuts, SUPER fun to play in limited and with a few good things to
add to the competitive formats
There is a streamer EARLY ACCESS event on April 26 and im part of it, so this experience
was a blast to have looking forward
Join me on my channel to see this live!
Thanks for reading and see ya next time!!

Andres “ Blue Robot” Monsalve

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