New Capenne Decks

New Capenne Decks

With New Capenne Right around the corner the big question lots of players are asking themselves is what should I look to craft or what deck should I think about upgrading with the new cards from the new set coming out. So with all that in Mind let’s take a look at some New Standard decks that I want to test out for the new format ranging from Low Competitive, Medium Competitive and A Main focus on being competitive. A big note with all these decks is that each of them are designed with Bo3 in mind but Sideboards will not be included since I have no idea how they play yet or what they need to side against just yet.

Grixis Vampires

This deck is entirely designed under the idea that I want to cast Vampires and I want to do midrange things. This deck is more or less just splashing blue for Evelyn, the Covetous, Kaito Shizuki and Maestros Charm, I can imagine in the future that this deck might even run things like Drown in the Loch, or some counter magic like An Offer You Can’t Refuse, Disdainful Stroke, or even good ol fashion Negate. This deck at the moment is designed to test out how Evelyn will play out stealing your opponents stuff when we spam out some vampire boi’s, since were also running the best red card Kikki Jikki we can potentially even get more flash speed vampire cards into play and steal even more cards from our opponents deck. The main idea I have is I want to take my opponents magic cards and make sure I get to have all the fun and my opponent doesn’t get to have any.

Jund treasures

I will be perfectly honest with you all, I do not think this deck is good and needs some MAJOR work on it. But that’s what’s fun about this time of the magic season, you get to watch me burn my wildcards on bad decks and fine tune them then you get to reap all the rewards! I actually think once I get this deck fine tuned to a fine wine I think it has a great shot at being something to actually fear. I don’t think the Ob Nixilis, the Adversary + Eskia’s Chariot is actually a good combo but it’s in here for the meme’s anyway plus you know…I wanna make a bunch of walker tokens as much as the next guy. Ziatora, the Incinerator is in here more for the meme but also getting a giant 6/6 by sacking a bunch of treasure from Magda, Brazen Outlaw seems like a dream that I want to live in.
Also side note this deck can be built in multiple different ways all from Sac style deck to my midrangey style deck Is this the best way to build the deck? Probably not but hey this is my starting point and I look forward to having all the fun. 

Mardu Walkers
Ok so here me out, I think this deck might actually be pretty good. I’m taking the ideas from the Esper Walker decks running around and adding Ob Nixilis, the Adversary instead of Kaito Shizuki and I’m testing out Elspeth Resplendent in this deck because her -3 is permanent and not creature card so she can get Ob Nix out or she can get any of our cards that seem pretty strong. I think this deck has plenty of legs but will it be better than its esper counterpart? I have no idea but I’m willing to test out each of these ideas so you all should definitely check out my streams once the new set comes out!

A Small side note I was given a free account by wizards to join in the Early access event happening April 26th 8am – April 27th 8am and I will be streaming the event for most of the day that day so you should totally check it out as I will be playing all these decks during the event.

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