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Andres F. Monsalve

Country: Argentina

Magic the Gathering player Achievements:

Pro tour Honolulu

  • 2009 – Pro tour Austin Texas
  • 2010 – Pro tour San Diego
  • 2013 – StrixHeaven Championship
  • 2021 – Argentina National Champ
  • 2013 – Grand prix Sao Paulo ( 2nd) – Grand Prix Rio de janeiro (3rd) Megaman Fan, old gamer in heart

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Celestial STRYK

The names are Strykar Lightherder and Lady Celestria. Together we are CELESTIAL STRYK ⚡️

When we arrived on Earth Realm, we found Magic: The Gathering and were immediately HOOKED. We found our true passion with EDH/Commander/Historic Brawl and that’s what we do almost exclusively. We make content on Twitch and YouTube and have an AWESOME community with other Celestials we’ve been finding along the way.

Come check us out!

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Sandoiche portrait


Country: Brasil

Sandoiche is a brazilian MTG streamer, grinder, writer and commentarist

He played on Pro Tour level twice, is a ManaTraders Series Legacy Champion and Twitch Rivals finalist.

Sandoiche is hosting our events. You can watch him at tournaments!

Seth Manfield

Country: United States

Seth Manfield has been playing MTG for over 20 years, and is widely considered to be one the best players to have ever played the game. He has many succesfull tournament finishes including including wins at the World Championship, Pro Tour, and Mythic Championship level. Seth is a member of the prestigious Pro Tour Hall of Fame. Currently Seth is a member of of Team Envy, and spends a lot of his time at home with his seven year old daughter. 

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Neeftheprog portrait


Country: Poland

Has been playing MTG for almost 20 years. Participant of top 8 minor and major international tournaments. Qualified for Pro Tours live and online. Would play red and blue decks to the end of the world if it were possible. Specialist in tempo decks and control.

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Tomas Pokorny

Country: Czech Republic

Tomas Pokorny portrait