Selesnya Company in Explorer

Selesnya Company in Explorer

Selesnya Company in Explorer

Hi, everyone!

Explorer has been a format with many new features. This month we have the format qualifiers and to spice things up, we even got the ban on Expressive Iteration.

The Iteration ban is more about Pioneer than Explorer, as Izzet decks here aren’t as dominant as they are on Pioneer, which perhaps says more about Delve than Expressive Iteration. But the fact is that due to the parity of formats, the cantrip was banned, which makes it very difficult for those trying to play phoenix or even izzet prowress.

On the same day we had Winota, Joiner of Forces banned, which made me leave this deck and try different things in the format, leading me to test Collected Company again. Company is one of the great cards released in Magic in recent years and that marks a lot who plays with aggressive decks, as it allows you to card advantage, card selection and time advantage, all in the same move. It is normal that in the absence of a strong card for aggros decks, everyone looks for another option is Collected Company It seems to be a new north. And precisely in these tests I tried again the Selesnya Company, a deck that is almost a Death and Taxes, since several of its creatures have abilities that tax the opponent’s game, but that have the green color to make more presence at the table

Testing this deck I started to think about how good the strategy would be in Explorer, mainly how to adapt to the absence of important cards, like Elvish Mystic. So I started using the same rule, now thinking about Explorer, which creatures are good on the table and can disrupt the opponent’s game, and in Explorer Azorius Control and Rakdos Midrange are also very strong, like in Pioneer. The difference is that we don’t have the Lotus, which makes Archon of Emeria less interesting, but we have Greasefang, Okiba Boss, which makes the bass gate more necessary.

Deck (60)
Collected Company
The Great Henge
Luminarch Aspirant
Lovestruck Beast
Overgrown Farmland
Elite Spellbinder
Reidane, God of the Worthy
Skyclave Apparition
Dromoka’s Command
Llanowar Elves
Gilded Goose
Scavenging Ooze
Remorseful Cleric
Werewolf Pack Leader
Kazandu Mammoth
Branchloft Pathway
Temple Garden
Lair of the Hydra
Sideboard (15)
Shifting Ceratops
Shapers’ Sanctuary
Lion Sash
Knight of Autumn
Scavenging Ooze
Garruk’s Harbinger
Remorseful Cleric
Dromoka’s Command
Guardian of Faith

This was the list I came up with, because of using less mana dorks I increased the drop2, but mainly I made a game that can better support The Great Henge, a card that is well positioned to face Rakdos Midrange and helps against other aggros also.

Most of my picks were based on a metagame with Rakdos Midrange, Azorius Control, and Mardu Greasefang, but Explorer is still in a pretty wild phase. Decks like Jund Sacrifice, Mono Red, Fire of Invention and others are still very present and I should change the side whenever one of them starts to grow. However, cards like Dromoka’s Command and Shapers’ Sanctuary have been pretty impressive and if I’m going to test the list these are the ones I’ve liked the most on the sideboard. Shifting Ceratops has been strong against Azorius Control, but I confess that the card doesn’t make it rain, his slot can easily turn into another Elite Spellbinder (in Brazil we call it PV all the time, it’s even weird to use another name), since it counters It’s not the worst thing we can take, but still, a creature with a haste is very good at match.

If you start to face a lot of sacrifice I recommend using Yasharn, Implacable Earth, and this card represents what I think of this deck, you will always add cards thinking about the metagame, since if we want to tax our opponents, they need to be in the right line to be taxed .

Explorer has been a very open format and the possibilities are huge, from exporting lists from Pioneer, to trying new things, or even a mix of both, as in the case of the 5c Niv that appeared last week. And formats like that are great.

Until the next article!


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