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The end of era . . .

The end of era . . .

The end of era, new beggining of magic.

Hello fellow readers!

Andy is here today to talk but with a different topic , one more attached to the situation at hand

As we all know , last weekend was the final “ arena championship” as the magic competitive scene shifts from “ digital to paper” and if we look back , tears fall down on our cheeks.

For us, magic players, the pandemia changed heavily our way to play the game and interact with others
For starters we changed “ shuffle “ cards in our hands to click the mouse and there , we found a new way to compete and try to “ win” again

In my case i wasn’t an arena player , i had the beta and was doing only the” farming bicycle(* more on this later ) ” and watched how the change was coming, how the magic pro league was created, how a digital tournament was held on a location ( played on pc -on site ) and how the pandemia started heavily

The rank system, the mythic qualifier, the draft ranks, the changes on the platform month after month , etc

But all of that is over now, it changed to something different that could bring an end to some of the players, but also given tools to new ones

There is a fact, Set championships are over, you can’t play one of those events again and if you want to play a pro tour, is more direct to play a physical event( the new system ) than trying to rank on arena ( more on that later )

And so, if we approach a store event, sit down in an actual table and play against someone, we need to set up some pre concepts so the game develops correctly

Good sportsmanship is the key , we are competing and doing so we are against our own peers, the other player has the same knowledge, responsibilities and rights than you so let’s look at them

– Knowledge: as the game brings, there is a metagame, there is known decks and plenty of information you can gather before the event and your opponents does this as well, so never underestimate your opponent or what your opponent KNOWS,if anything YOu could be having less information

-Responsibilities: You have a duty on the game, and that is maintaining the game in a correct way , to play the cards correctly and be aware of all the triggers and stuff the game has, this also counts on what your opponents does and in the end is a good tool against who wants to , don’t want to say “ cheats you” but you get it, because focus players who are doing the things rights cant leave a hole open to someone to try to miss do things

– Rights: this could sound weird as we are playing a game, but the rights are
you re able to look at any information on the table, lands in play, how many cards are left in hand, library, graveyard, look at the graveyard and any exiled face up card( not the face down ) and any counters or stuff the game generates, nothing played is secret of hide unless the card specifically tells you it is
But, the most important, both players are able to call a judge at any point for any kind of question , doubt or anything, and is always better to call a judge than to ask your opponent , because your opponent ( and you as well ) are not obliged to answer anything outside the “ open info” on the game

I’m a big supporter of what I just told you, playing an event costs more than just what you pay for it. You have time to spend, food to eat and energy spent, so maintaining a clean and solid gameplay will help you out and sometimes being “hard” on maintaining this could be seen as “ arrogant play” but trust me, you can maintain a game play solid and be aware of your opponent and it has nothing to do on being arrogant or with a “ bad mood” at all

is just understanding all thats is happening and play along as we should, we are magic players =)

Now , onto MTG arena

There is a new system and.. is it hard to rank? yes, of course! now only the top 250 enters the mythic qualifier and oh boy, those numbers changes fast ( being 300 one morning, 600 3 hours later ) but….there is a new option aside from the mythic ( qualifier weekend as it seems to be called now ) , the PLAY-IN event

The play in event , in short, are 2 events held a week before and the day before of the qualifier weekend and you can play it by earning “ play in point” in regular events or by just paid the event ( 20 k coins 4 k gems i think )

This just made the “ regular events” more difficult ? yes , as before was just for coins, but no more than just a regular rank on mythic so a good option could net you a few point , from which you need 20 to play the event and THEY DON WASTE AWAY, you can use them in any play in event

But more important…….yes, you can pay for the event.
This is the most notable option , as we saw many people paying for the event on past saturday( it was sealed) and getting into

So now the system changed again, and magic in general changed at all…there is a new horizon of things to do, many formats to play ( yes, pioneer seems to be the most important one on the paper world, and standard+explorer rocking hard on arena ) and an overall joy of “ traveling again” with magic!

Oh, before i end, i will explain the “ bicycle of farming”

It used to be this: With the daily missions and regular events you need to get 5000 coins and do a quick draft, as quick draft where the cheapest coin event to get Gems ( the expensive currency ) and also you get to rank up, gain experience for the mastery and get some cards of the draft. If you fail a draft (0/3) you still get something and then go back to getting 5 k coins and for sure each time you will get better and better on limited

Now , is the same but without the regular events, so maybe getting the 5k coins( daily missions, daily 15 wins) will need 3 or 4 days total ( used to be 2-3 with regular events for coins ) to get a quick draft

So, for the end of turn, this weekend we have the last “ play in event” and on saturday the “ qualifier event” both sealed, bot super nice to play
i will be playing the qualifier weekend and men, i really want to do well

here is my last article on sealed format :
i suggest checking it out and for anything you can ping me on any platform

Cheers , see you next time and…land go!

Andres F. “Blue Robot” Monsalve

Pro tour Honolulu 09 , Pro tou Austin 09 , Pro tour San Diego 2013, Strixheaven Championship 2021

Worlds 2013( captain of Team Argentina )

Finalista Gp Sao Paulo , Semi finalist GP Rio de janeiro

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