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Top 5 Cards from Streets Of New Capenna for standard

Top 5 Cards from Streets Of New Capenna for standard

Today I would like to write about Top 5 Cards from Streets Of New Capenna for standard.

First of all, I need to say, I am writing this in a moment when whole set was not revealed yet, if there will be any new great cards, I will post an update.

My Top 5 cards:

  • Ob Nixilis, The Adversary
  • Void Rend
  • Riveteers Charm
  • Jinnie Fay, Jetmir’s Second
  • Every single Triome 😀

1. Ob Nixilis, The Adversary

When I first saw that card, I was not really sure if I read it correctly, because it looks to good to be true. In my opinion, this card is on the edge of being broken. This card will be for sure played in standard in every deck that it only can. Power level on this card is ridiculous. First thing that we can see is Casualty X, most cards from this set have casualty with defined number, which makes it harder to pay this cost, on this card we have Casualty X, so it means that we can sacrifice whatever creature we want. This ability makes this card incredibly good. On our turn three, we can have two copies of planeswalker on the board…. I think that I do not even need to comment how problematic it could be for our opponent. +1 ability is not that impressive when you first look at it, because discarding a card or loosing 2 life for 3 mana is not that relevant. If you managed to activate Casualty, things are starting to look pretty scary. I can not think about situation where control deck would be able to win the game when with every turn it will loose 4 life or discard 2 cards. Second part of this ability is gaining 2 life, if you control a devil or demon, which works very well with second ability. -2 ability will be especially relevant against aggro decks, this small 1/1 devil that deals one damage to any target when it dies could make attacks extremely uncomfortable for opponent playing aggro deck. The Ultimate -7 ability looks very similar to Griselbrand’s ability, but it has one advantage over it. With opponent potentially loosing quite a lot life due to +1 ability, could be just dead to ultimate of Ob Nixilis. After all of this we can see a card that has potential to be very dominant in standard. Ob Nixilis fits very well in a lot of decks that we have in standard right now and his additional advantage is, that he can not be exiled with the most popular removal which is vanishing verse. There are some synergies that we have, that will look amazing with Ob Nixilis.

To the perfect start we need only artifact turn one, it could be, for example Voldaren Epicure or Blood fountain. With artifact turn one, we can sacrifice it on turn two with oni-cult anvil and create 1/1 artifact token that, we can sacrifice in turn three to Ob Nixilis. In result we get two copies of Ob Nixilis and extra 1/1 token from Oni-Cult Anvil trigger…. I can imagine oponents playing control decks on arena immediately after this start.

This combo looks amazing, but it is a little slower than the last one. Copying Ob Nixilis every turn is, I think, really good😉

2. Void Rend

Maybe this card does not have the power level of Ob Nixilis, but it is still very good. Right now, one of the best decks in standard is esper planeswalkers/control. The deck is crazy good and can generate insane value. The cards that this deck is mostly scared of or it is just hard to play against them, are: Reckoner Bankbuster, Kaito Shizuki, Silverquill Silencer, Oni- Cult Anvil and second side of Valki, God of Lies which is Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor and unfortunately their most popular removal vanishing verse does not answer this cards, so they often do not have solution for this kind of problem…. Till now, this is exactly the reason why this card will be for sure very popular in standard. It is removal to almost everything and it is not scared of cards like Negate and Test of Talents. Disadvantage of this card is that, it can not target lands that are turning into a creature for example Hive of the Eye Tyrant. It means that we can not stop playing vanishing verse just because we got better removal, we will need to find the perfect number of both of this cards. After all, I am 100% sure it will be played in standard.

3. Riveteers Charm

Thirdly, I think that charms are great addition to standard decks and I think that some will be seen played in standard, but this one is not only good, it’s great, it‘s trully great. Right now, in standard Shigeki Jukai Visitor decks are becoming more and more popular. The last ability of Jund Charm seems the worst, but in the spot where your opponent is trying to return 3 or 4 cards from their graveyard, you are destroying whole strategy of opponent’s deck. Right now, the best answer to cards like kaito shizuki was soul shatter and most black decks were using it. Right there we got soul shatter with two extra great options. Normally, when you draw a soul shatter in turn 10 or some late turns of the game, you would not be that happy about it, but here you got option to exile top 3 cards of your library and cast them until you next end step, casting these in opponent end step looks like a great way to make explosive next turn. It is better light up the stage for midrange decks, but much worse for aggressive one. Some people might be worried about the fact that we did not see jund decks in standard for a moment. I would like to remind everyone that before Kamigawa Neon Dysnasty, one of tier1 decks was jund treasures. In this set Jund get a lot of tools that can make it tier1 again! I will definitely try jund deck with Jund charm and combo of Esika’s Chariot and Ob Nixilis😎.

4. Jinnie Fay, Jetmir’s Second

Okay, I must say it, I am quite a bit hyped for this card. I am huge fan of token deck strategies, and this card looks sweeeet in these types of decks. Right now, in standard we have quite a lot of options to create tokens and two of the best are, in my opinion, Wedding Announcement and Esika’s Chariot, which perfectly fit in Naya token deck. We are talking about charm, it has quite hard mana cost, but here we got a card that is not that hard to play. Playing 3/3 on turn three does not look really good, but the following turns after that could be crazy explosive. Following this card with a card like Wedding Announcement or even Cabaretti Charm will be demanding board wipe from opponent side of the battlefield. If opponent does not have one, we can win a game in 2 or 3 turns. I will be very happy building deck around this card after we get to know the whole set.

5. Every single one of Triomes

I think, this is quite understandable that Triomes will be played in almost every deck that they can. This could move standard to become slower and more grindy format, because two color midrange decks will likely turn into 3 color decks. Triomes will be much better in midrange and combo strategies than in aggro decks, because they enter the battelfield tapped. Big advantage of Triomes over other lands is cycling ability. It means that even in late game Triomes will not be a dead card, we can always recycle it trying to find some other better cards. This is my personal favourite thing about this set.


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